discovered being undiscovered…

Everybody pretends! She too puts a mask on her face hiding her thoughts.
She envies,but her envy is different from others. To her envy is motivation and people fail to understand her meaning so she’s turning silent day by day with thoughts struggling in her mind. She kows what’s happening around but fails to convey her point of views. In the situation,grudges in her couldn’t be kept. She converted to a restless human finding a way to let it all out in a quiet manner. Scanning around,she found some materials which she grabbed and went to terrace. She took out a A4 paper and started drawing.
Soon after a week or two, she gathered a good pile of charcoal filled pages,under her bed, far from her people and even her own memory but that one person,she was friends with, he explored them one day who took snaps and praised them aswell. After her friend left,she got frustrated more than ever. So frustrated that she collected all her materials in a big box and went to junkyard. There she digged a hole burnt all her works one by one glancing each page and remembering what made her make it. In the box, was left just a piece of charcoal which she used. She tried but couldn’t burn it. She couldn’t even take it back home so she buried it near the ashes of her work and went to bed.
She had the most peaceful sleep that night. Days turned to weeks and then months, her anger was reaching her again….so she slipped after mid night to the junkyard and found her buried charcoal missing from the plastic bag. She went back home but disturbed. Next morning while going through the news,she was stunned to see her work in the newspaper. She didn’t see the name and was hoping not to b hers. And yes,it wasn’t hers but her friend’s.
Her smile broadened like anything! He knew that she didn’t like to be known so published her works by his name and she had no problems with it. It didn’t bother her as long as she is isolated. People were appriciating her work and that boosted her. She smiled for people enjoying her work only when she herself knew how it came to existance. Her friend came over and talked about all of it and being guilty of displaying her works without her name. Later, he gifted her own charcoal which she was looking for,and left the country. She started drawing again and put them where they used to be, still in hope of being discovered yet undiscovered…..