i dont knw when i wrote this,n theres a greater chance that aftr sumtym it wnt luk lyk this,i think ill edit it….its raw ryt nw:

why doesn’t it always haunt,
Pain is sometime what i want.
Its for what,i really do crave,
To enjoy every feeling of grave.
The mental pain,i due respect,
But in people around me, i so regret.
I would never want see them down,
No matter how much i had to frown.
Coz we dont live for ourselves alone,
People of ours do care for us afterall.


World in the Next Century from my Specs

On a saturday evening, i was on my couch wondering where the world was going. World is on its wheels, moving very fast to achieve goals and worrying less about future. I wondered what would world me in the next century, without me! Imagination has no boundaries, so i closed the doors of visionary world and endered into the world of imagination where nobody is neither bound to do anything nor forced to think anything specific.
Although one can’t think of imagining world in the next century under such circumstances of crises, still my thoughts struggled to find a coast and they did. When i took a close look of today’s world, i came accross the negativities which we all are aware of. Apart from that, i got some positivitifs,hidden in a cloud of negativities, but did exist, which would, i hope, lead us to a bright future in the next century with a lot of technologies rather than the fear of devastating, “World War III.”
As I kept on thinking, i came closer to the fact of increased death toll by then, due to natural disasters and diseases, fruits of our works only. We are the ones who put on our airconditioners and splits, well aware of the harm caused to the environment,in future leading us to the world without electricity. It is our hardwork which has already wrapped the .gift of global warming for the next centuray which would boom the seeds of natural clamities. I believe, by the next century, world would have very less lands for disasters as most would have gone in waters like an Indonesian island did. The melting glaciers would have a beautiful sight, but its effects would cause variety of new diseases with names we haven’t heard yet.
As mentioned above, there would be less lands to live, so it made me wonder that in this inflation of todays,people are changing their cars almost every year, then according to statistics, in the next century, the number of cars should double but no roads and would it be easy to breath by then? I think the upper class would struggle and survive but the middle and lower class would turn out to b good cyclists and pedestrians who can someday, take part in olympics and win atleast.
As a matter of fact, behaviour of people would completely change. They would not respect anyone resulting in increased number of old homes than nowadays. By then, they would have been much involved in freedom that they would not hesitate to kill anyone by any means even tying bomb jackets to themselves would not cost much. Judiciary will then, still be restoring. Someone who dies now, if is reincarnated into a child in next century, would find no difference in the field of studies.
To summarize my imaginational reality chek, i think we are peak now, downfall would soon begin, world would then be at so-called “peace” with neighbouring aliens who might have taken over the world by then. And America would have been selling lands on moon and mars. The shape of earth would probably change and the human race would end.

Dated: 18th September, 2008.

Gila…. (A recall of wher im from!)

i laugh at myself that i once wrote it! 😀 I was in my matric standard when this accident happened 😉 Needless to mention that it was my ever first writeup 🙂 The reason im publishing it here is that i wud neva want to ‎4gt my roots :S ….this is where i started writing for myself although pushd by Ma’m Sabir at school years! No matter how bad or good it seems to others, this is closest to my heart from all of my heap of writings….

ذندگی کی دوڑ میں سب رنگ کھو گۓ،
جو اپنے تھے کبھی اب پراۓ ہو گۓ.

وفائیں کھو گئیں رقیب کھو گۓ،
ان سب کے ساتھ میرے خواب بھی سو گۓ.

دامن ہوا ہے میرا کچھ بے رنگ اس طرح،
کہ جو نظر نہ آئیں وہ داغ لگ گۓ.

چوٹ کھاۓ دل نے میرے یہ سوچا کہ،
اپنے تھے جو لوگ وہ کیا کر گۓ.

دوست تو ہوتے ہیں کہ دکھ درد میں ساتھ نبھائیں،
پھر کیوں وہ پھول دے کر ہمیں کانٹے چبھو گۓ.

یاروں سے مجھے اپنے کوئی گلہ نہیں،
بس یہ کہ وہ اندھیرے میں اپنا رنگ دکھا گۓ.

Roman translation who are finding hard to read these small urdu letters,

Zindagi ki daurr main sub rung kho gayay,
Jo apnay thay kabhi,ab parayey hogayay.

Wafain kho gayin, rakib kho gayay,
In sub k sath mere khwaab bhi so gayay.

Daaman hua hai mera kuch be-rung is tarha,
Key jo nazar na aayen, wo daag lagg gayay.

Chot khaye dil ne mere ye socha k,
Apney thay jo log wo ab kya kar gayay.

Dost tou hotay hain k dukh dard main sath nibhayen,
Phir kyun wo phool dey kar hamain kaantey chubho gayay.

Yaaron se mujhe apney koi gila nahi,
Bus yeh k wo andhere main, apna rung dikha gayay.


i don’t know when i wrote this one, the date isn’t mentioned where i found it but its a 2009 thought piece…

She was entangled in well knit set of 3D questions of whether whom she lived for? Her parents or herself? An argument struck between her mind and intellect! Mind stated that she is living to bring dreams of her parents to reality because uptill now she hasn’t done anything without their concern…they made her do what they want, in a way that one would want to do it willingly. In a way,she was completing her parents incomplete desires…
She was confused by thoughts like why parents dream for their children? Cant they have freedom to run after their own dreams and get them accomplished? They need to understand that they can’t always protect their children from the world! Let them out free! Its of no use,Keeping the fastest bird in cage just because you fear to loose it! That fear would make him/her your pet, but would loose his/her charm of flight!
Intellect intrupted and said that its not always the case…mind said that it knows that exceptions exist but im talking about majority people because minority,far from this thought,is by fact,very minor in number…all was said so intellect was silent giving a stamp of approval to minds statement or his silence meant something?


there isnt always a reason for being heavy hearted….the grudges in heart pile up and its necessary to let them out so that theres a new room for unlikable things which are always welcome……unwantingly!
The way of letting it out may depend on personality…. Some mentally torture themselves other may injure themselves or burst out on others or may be, silent for hours and red in anger or may cry….and its nothing to be ashamed of by any of the gender!!