song recommendations

-“When the Children cry” by “White Lion”

-“Imagine” by “Eva Cassidy”

-“Criminal” by “Fiona Apple”

-“Doesn’t Remind Me” by “Audioslave”

-“Angel” by “Sara McLachlan”

-“Citizen of the Planet” by “Alanis Morisette”

-“All I Really Want” by “Alanis Morisette”

-“Stranger Things Have Happened” by “Foo Fighters”

-“Dream On” by “Aerosmith”

-“Husn-e-Haqiqi” by “Arieb Azhar”

-“Sea 0f Lies” by “Symphony X”

-“Chal bulleya” by “Meekal Hassan Band”

-“Why Did You Do It” by “Stretch”

-“Azadi” by “Junoon” from movie “The Jinnah”

-“Aik Alif” by “Saieen Zahoor”

-“Like A Stone” by “Audioslave”

-“Pour Some Sugar On Me” by “Def Leppard”

-“Superhuman” by “Velvet Revolver”

-“Funny The Way It Is” by “Dave Matthews Band”

-“I Know I Can” by “Nas”

-“Stronger” by “Kayne West”

-“Soul Society” by “Kamelot”

-“House Of Cards” by “Rage Against The Machine”

-“High Hopes” by “Pink Floyd”

-“Schism” by “Tool”


on the way thoughts

-The more we know,the more we suspect… -At the end of the day, the way one has been percieved should not be the basis of judgement. -marks don’t judge the ability. -“satisfaction is the death of desire” -There’s always a choice but it’s easier to work when there’s no option. – Success is like a… Read more.


She was jorting down then something struck her mind. To know what normally it was se looked up in the wordlist to see what actually obsession meant ’cause its not always about her world n her meanings. The dictionary said that its what is in person’s mind n occupies it and prevails there. But intentional or unintentional? it didn’t mention that…To her, obesession was a synon to addiction which according to her meant a daily dosage on whose discontinuity, the outer life may seem unaffected but inner runs a storm. Her obsessions may include her fears, memos,behaviours, hobbies or any stress she wants ’cause mind doesn’t permit enterance or exit of everything..if not ranked, her random top 6 obsessions would be,

~^~ people: people rule her life. She herself have given them the power to create or destroy her life parts. When they are done, its all her mind then, that how it perceives the effects, because her mind isn’t controlled…still people rule over her, atleast they think they do and she doesnt want to break the glass casket she lies inn!

~^~ cats: its her fear. She can control this with her mind very easily but it’s somehow unintentional and stuck in her mind.

~^~ twisting minds: she loves 2 b logically complicated. Her thoughts are basics to her,ignored by several. She likes to leave people thinking with a functional brain. So she tries not to let any chance go for mind play and unblocking the thought flow.

~^~ silence/isolation: now explaining the unexplainable. To some silence is absence of words disturbing air,to some, its a means of communication. But she believes that silence is often misinterpreted so she likes misunderstandings. They make one,the opposite of who s/he is. She,therefore likes isolation i.e, free to think black in silence, The best kicker!

~^~ music and art: who doesn’t love music? Noone. Its a only way to communicate that is not language biased. It connects souls,changes mood,internal environment…everything. Music is an art form too. But to her, evrything is art and everyone is an artist. Even a begger eating one paratha with two eggs, is an artist to her. Its just her perception of art.

~^~ since its being retypd, her memo fails 2 recall everything including her last most intrestng obsession!

Details of what each word means alot to her even if not elaborated well!