an attempt

i don’t know i should publish it or not but here goes my attempt to write a debate :

Honourable judges, respected teachers and my dear fellows, __________. I, Z_____H____ today has been given an opportunity to put my views across the air regarding *Internet, the best source of education.* I being an individual, deny this statement.
Internet, no doubt is the best source of reference ever, a pool of accessible information heedless of all geographical barriers with specific details obtainable, just for free, but as the proverb goes, “Never a rose, without thorns” pitfalls of internet hav been creating an enigma since its inception.
Being one of the technological advancements of modern world, internet strengthens the mode of education but not changes it. On the other end, its adverse effects are not to be ignored. The other side of the medal, is indeed the negative one.
The ocean of knowledge available on just a click is full of junk; a set of instructions that lacks quality. The authority of publication that internet devotes to the uneducated, intensifies the unauthenticity of information.
As with the introduction of calculator in math class, Internet has reduced the burden of work on students and generated an opportunity of scanning the subjects without the need of really understanding them. Plagiarism, which abounds one, is tempting for such escaping fellows. A student, is no longer able to put the learnt facts in his own words. He, blatantly lifts information and portray it as his own. This, limits the thinking, creativity and ability to put forward own ideas leading to an observable marked erosion of writing skills.
If there are enough resources to access information, internet has more distractions. Web addiction has made one, socially impaired. Reach to wrong websitdes have paved ways to negativities. It’s the blessing of online gaming that gamers have forgotten their outdoors. Online gambling, violence, hard speech and pornography are eoough favous of internet for imprinting the young minds.
The youth has forgotten the primary source of education that mainly included books. The need of today, is the revival of faded roots. The attraction to virtual world provided by internet is much larger but in no way can come close to books. If a student does not like the printed informational pages and want to waste their time, money and efforts on internet, then books hold no blame for being available in libraries.
No matter how vast internet gets, it can never replace books. We cannot do even our graduation based on only internet research. Its the relevant information in books that makes a topic, easier to learn as compared to spinning heads between the pages of search engines sorting authenticity. Honourable judge it’s the internet that directs its way to a book! Yes an e-book; online purchasable but, a book!
Although online education or e-learning process have made a bench mark in the field of education as well as professional world but the acceptance of such degrees still hav to undergo an acid test. A throughout recognition to the online degrees in the professional scenario is yet to be attained. One is not expected to get a proper placement with such a degree in educational record, which can end one into a false position with no second chance of retreat!
To summarize my objections, id like to say that internet, like other forms of media can be a powerful educational tool when used correctly. Even if we learn alot from internet, we should be careful not to make it the only source with regards to educating ourselves. It has only enhanced our way of education. Thus, the primary sources are to be prioritized. Afterall, we cannot isolate ourselves with a computer. Internet should remain a source to reach the unreachable but when it comes to study, information is available at home. I would like to conclude my discussion withe a statement that,
“Internet is just another chapter of an entire book”


The essence of beauty….

Grabbed this piece over internet by FLAVIA. Finally some worth sharing stuff. Enjoy.

“What is the essence of beauty?
It is a treasure not made of external finery, silvery masks, or glittering armor, but of a golden substance born within. Like truth, beauty is the companion of the soul. It moves in curves, speaks in silences, and reflects a light only seen by the heart. Beauty is as elegant as simplicity as warm as ecstasy, and as constant as God’s outstretched hand. Untainted by time, beauty deepens our hues and softens our edges. Beauty is eternity’s vision; an air of lightness when the world lay heavy; a quiet gesture in time of need. Beauty breathes life into every passionate heart. It is that which our souls can never live without.¬†“

Unique Monotony…

Every existing person has a tone to ownself. The way one does task, speaks, writes has a tone different from the other. One may even try to copy some0ne’s tone but can’t come closer because orignality is a fingerprint, not even a xerox can replace it. This tone, indeed becomes one’s identity. Not many people find this tone in others except for some who may have either followed one’s work or knows one personally. Every tone defines the comfort zone of one’s mind because appearance can be changed but personality cannot. The personality molds the mind to hav a third eye, which looks everything the way it wants and formulates one’s words accordingly that have an inherited tone.
Everyone’s tone is different and can be guessed so one should b careful to avoid predictability which tends to loosen the charm…