a feeling of going-to-be

She doesn’t really care what got her here. All that mattered was the moment of now with her child. The child she was carrying within ownself; an extension of herself; a continuation of her after her departure. A feeling of existing after her own existance makes her smile the most gorgeous even in these harsh times of her.
It was hard for her to feed her child by begging…but she wasn’t ashamed to stretch hands for necessities because she was a m0ther, a m0ther who had to feed her child anyway possible. The feeling of a mother made her so gayiety that she felt like those streets were clouds and she was just not on earth.
Every night after her fellows sleep, she sings to her child showing such tender love of a mother. Keeping her all worries aside, she dreamt of him coming into the world and having a white-collar profession making her mother very proud. The child unaware of worldly hell wanted to explore the world and the mother felt its first kick in the womb…that was the most happiest moment in 5months of conceiving that child. A glorious smile on an enlightened face was quite visible.
With no sonography reports to have a look to her child internally, she just embraced the feeling of going-to-be mother because a mother is born with the child…


Bruised Mother

she woke up with a little band aid on her forehead and saw her father and brother standing beside her bed in a local general hospital. She was the eldest child, aging 7years. The little girl was unaware of her loss. She stressed her memory and rewind it so she could recall what landed her there, in hospital bed.
They were on two-wheeler enjoying their family day out. She and her brother were trying to hold the hydrogen filled balloons as air brushed their hair and slapped at their face. The tender ages of two siblings were in regardless happiness that evening. The evening that changed their lives. The light went back from orange to red and their vehicle stopped. A fast moving, over loaded truck managed to stop a few inches away. As soon the light changed to green, other trasports started moving. Meanwhile the bike was just seconds away to overcome the staticity, the truck moved and hit the home-maker. The mother of two fall n hit the near by foot-path. The double injury at head made it bleed severe to cost her life. At the sight of blood oozing from damage, her daugher fall fainted. An ambulance was called soon and the mother-daughter were made to reach hospital.
The children were too young to do chores for themselves. Emotional to tackle, children wondered about their mother most of the times. Dark nights,afraid kids lost in the memory of their loss. He decided to get married again for the sake of children who needed proper contour. Like a typical step mother of story books, she couldn’t accept the kids.
Time went by, the little girl transformed to a woman and was married. Now a mother of two She was stil with a mindset immature to domestic tricks. She heard growing up that past repeats itself, and dread the future of her children. Throughout her childhood she had carried a disturbed state of mind. She now fights with her husband everyday on no big issues. He being the bread winner for family gets enough frustrated by his wife’s behaviour that abandons her.
Nowhere to go she sits on the stairs and tears trickle down her cheek as she remembers what she has been through in life so far and she slept in the same gesture.
Deep down that depressed soul is a worried mother who fears her children might suffer the same torture she did. B.P goin high with those continuously gushing thoughts….She dies and the history repeats her childhood…

Logic- a worth sharing song

song: LOGIC

Stop, look, listen, learn; your lessons have begun.
O.K. school’s in session-lesson #1,
Inductive, deductive reasoning and thought.
It’s called logic, are you ready to be
It won’t take long, you can’t go wrong.
Use it and you’re always right,
And don’t forget that right is might
Shall we move along?

If a is b, and b is c, then a is c. See?
It’s really easy, here we go,
For example, here’s some samples; we’ll start slow:
>From war comes peace-Peace is good.

Therefore war is good
Let’s try another;
Johnny blew his head off-Johnny listened to metal.
Therefore metal killed Johnny.
That’s logical, it’s settled.

Take it from me, now here’s the key;
Shape the truth to fit your ends,
Take the facts then twist and bend to your morality
Twist it-logic; You can justify anything you want.
Twist it-logic; You can justify anything at all.

Stop, look, listen, learn; isn’t logic fun?
O.K. one more thing, memorize this one;
You’re always right-They disagree.
Therefor they are wrong. See?

It works for them, it works for me,
Can work for you I guarantee.
Easy as a, b, d or 1 and 1 is 3.
Makes a lot of sense to me,

Makes a lot of sense to me,
Solve any problems that you see-Got it? Good!
Shape the truth to fit you ends,
Take the facts, then twist and bend.
Use it and your always right,
And don’t forget that right is might-It works
I guarantee!

Twist it-logic; You can justify anything you want.
Twist it-logic; You can justify anything at all.
Twist it-logic; You can justify anything at,
You can justify anything at,
You can justify anything at all