fun being dull…

Fun was enjoying whatever one could or whatever one did or was bound to do, irrespective of what others thought of it. But that was her definition of it.

She was stuck among a majority of clones who have started to gather around her and turn her into one of them. She was not allowed to have the degree of enjoyment similar to what people of her age did. Being over cushioned, suffocated her but she kept silent hoping they’ll understand. Her silence was taken as a gesture of approval for the surrounding. Being in the same environment, made it seem alrite. It was not difficult to live in anymore. She had started liking this emptyness around her. Nothingness made her stamina go low. She had grown up listening that teenage was the most enjoyable phase of life but to her, it was the only serious time for her ownself where she could be purely herself. She had fun in all what she did; sitting alone thinking in alot horizons listening music reading novels of a kind that quest one to grab loose ends and take them wide in imaginations. She was a boring person according to others because she did not fulfil the definition of fun for others which was teasing people,socializing, travelling different places, trying out different shops, accessories, making it lo0k beautiful attractive and enjoyable but to her that was wasting time and one can’t enjoy being all cautious. In her boundaries, she liked playing with colors that she can view, connected to nature, words and depth of each. She did not speak much about her, was a mystery for people who claimed to know her. She had thoughts going on in mind regarding all thats unique, all that made her commonly different.

Being labelled dull, she didn’t care because the amount of fun this ‘dull’ had poured in her life, is beyond the approach of others!