Comparison of Ownself

“i hate the new me!” thats what she thought and fought to believe.

People say one shouldn’t compare because every person has his/her own place, but i say compare yourself with ownself…It helps…. But not always.
Exceptions exist to prove statement wrong.

She is just another grain of dust in this word of sand….she; very pale, weak, wearing spectacles of choice, hiding those nearly dried eyes from everyone; does everything in accordance to the routine, just without the will to do it. Was she tired of being ownself in a surrounding that fakes every minute? or was she doing it purposely to seek solitude. A solitude where she has the freedom to be herself; away from all her fears where she’d smile and laugh her heart out an be without fake patient emotions. Where she could evaluate her ownslf; away from this world of lies being true to ownself….and can shout out what she thinks without being questioned and taking out time for ownself.

She was just the different person now who was finding a way to end life even though not really ready for it….

Before the calenders changed m0nths, she had learnt to love herself no matter how she was. She was the kind people would want to talk, the one for whom they could do anything to be around. Her ignorant gestures, way to see everything was different. She didn’t like to blend that kept her pure and away from others….she wanted to live to achieve a living she’d choose for herself. Friends she chose with care but had many good acquaintances. Standing erect, she was a motivation for many but demotivating for herself beacuse she believed that it compelled her to move on.

Yes she was different and was eyed on. Her surrounding didn’t accept change in person. They wanted monotyped clones of personalities and they thus couldn’t see her excel…and she fall in trap!!