still waiting with nothingness…

people say its the mothers love that is unconditional….. But he doesn’t know anything today. He has now lost the count of days, months, festivities he had spend without his mother. The mother whom he knew before birth. The one whose sound was the closest…. Today when he has reached the age where most depend on their kids, he is in the old house that has been chosen for mentaly unstable. He has clear picture of his childhood but the behaviour by his own children is now vague. He is just living there since 9 years h0ping each day someone from the stable known will take him along. The routine life here is what he is now not liking. As he goes through his life’s flashback, a tear trickles down his cheek to his jaw and audible sobs can be heard from a good distance. Seems now he is loosing the hope and returning to be an infant who just wants his candy. He has a concept of religion but now all his urges converge to his mother. With all the pieces of broken hopes, shattered soul n pricked dreams, he still stare the door for the sight of known.


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it’s truly unexpected…

Human mind is the greatest creation of Creator. The uni-lateral brain having a powerful area for thoughts…is what scientists haven’t understood to date and i guess never will.. it has its own kingdom different from the others…well this brain is not used much…above normal usage lead Einstein, who used it a bit more than average, to struck the world with the theory of relativity…. for that he was called mad too…his brain died with him all the functions got buried…. but the question is, how did he pushed it so far beyond the normal?
The same brain produces figures not present actually….science calls it Hallucination. Every fine detail of the figure is personalized…no one else can really know…its called Schizophrenia…powerhouse fights with ownself…what distruction it must be bringing to the whole body bieng controlled by a necrosing device…being socially bitten each day these people are then labelled threat to society and cut isolated where the rott and eventually die leaving behind a lot questions unanswered.
Scientists fail to depict this behaviour of human which approaches everything by passimism….acquired behaviour i guess…but then can brains be manipulated? i think that’s called brainwashing (with words). Technology is one thing that man created himself. The connection of sockets evolved from calculators to computers, machines to operating robos….social networks add to the list of creation but then how can one turn against own creation and create destuctive devices…the bombs, the hacking network…yes they are creations too but negative ones..just to balance the equation?
A complete definition of unexpected is the human brain which we control and then that controls us…. A dive in it, is not so easy all science freaks!!