with the power vested in me, i thank you till i exist.

With just taught a few necessary words/signals to indicate the need of help, she was partially (not-so-called) abandoned by her parents for good; her good, their good. They sent her to a place where she was made to discover the insight….The people she knew now hold a closer place than her parents. The reason of her existance, after Almighty, were ofcourse her parents, but the direction, the vision, the eye to lead life, was moulded by what world called mentors she called creatures and by profession were TEACHERS. Her world has been revolving around such strong personalities whom she started looking upto. She believed that they had the complete right to even kill her happily. She may have never been the best on slot but being silent and respectful was her queue. They were the ones to induce in her, the power to achieve, by working on the abilities she has got in herself, by having faith on what she knows rather than what reaches her ears. They formed the basis of her castle. They mined a diamond out of herself, gave it a precious cut that created her an individual who could observe, think, stand and speak for ownself but decides not to say most of the times. With pages of years turning, she entered a new world of ignorance where all that lived was her ownself..there, she took her intact basics to tackle the issues with what she thought was right and wrong…later, it was hard for her to take orders, but adapting the new environment was the only way of survival. The new dawn starting a new day, was hard….but when the mentors know what they have to bring out of her, they never fail. Its them, who pushed her to put her best forward. Its them who opened a new way for her to use her brain in a way she wanted. They gave her an open ground to run where ever she wants to. Today, she owes all of her achievements to them and they own her. They can consider her as their child because she surely takes them as parents of manner…whom she must have disliked to some point but soon realized how inferior she was.

Bows my head, THANKYOU ALL MY TEACHERS….whether past or present, you are respected, for all that you made me today; for all that i am today is because of you…. Can’t thank enough for all the appriciation, care and affection from you all. Hope to be blessed by such mentors in life forward.



dear four five forecful readers of blog (all my friends :P)

absence makes the heart grow fonder BAKWAAAASSS

anyhow.. have been hell busy with my studies…but now inshAllah will be more busy…lol

but will try n keep wordpress updated