featuring Te*Lo

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I’m frustrated

Happiness outdated

All the shit mated

And multiplicated.

Empty plates

The poor going early to graves.

Young girls working for sex tapes

An entire generation going to waste

See how hard that hits to a kid

Who sits all by himself

Looking like a bookshelf.

He has a bullet, with the finger on the trigger

He might pull it here we have another criminal,

Well motivated.

The worlds’ dominated by the suited booted

And I see my nation dictated.

I’ll fated?


Fathers dead,

Children crying in bed?

Mothers working to feed the stove,

Children asking for love.

So before the angel of death comes, and takes my soul

I should start playing my role.

But what do I do to make it right?

Happiness out of sight.

The world’s dominated by the white,

But they aint playing their part to make it right!

War against terror?

No baby, I guess its war for terror.

I can’t face the man in the mirror.

From shooting bombs from the sky

To taking innocent lives,

Racial discrimination.

A confused nation.

So before i light another cigarette or feel the need for weed

Lemme just tell you:

I’m frustrated;

and happiness outdated!


trapped in the world of colors


she was just flipping the days in routine life when she noticed everythng turning red. She was a person, who had a different meaning of each color that may or may not coincide with the one of what people had…

Black- to her its the color of depth of darkness, the color of power, achievement! the color in which your eyes don’t see but with which your mind coordinates everything in a perfect way. Black is the beauty, evil and so formed that NO color can over power it yet every color can be accomodated in it. Personality reffering black portrays its negativity, but the fact that black can coexist with all colors enhancing their beauty makes it easy to look at. She believed negativity may highlight the positive traits of one’s character to a very amplifying extent so she prefers being black most of her times.

Red- its not the color of romance like for many, but the color of anger frustration violence and blood! yes it runs in us…makes us boil. Though soothing enough to see, it plays with neurons imparting negative vibes accross the field. Its a silent killer that juggles with your personality in a way that says out loud to the people around to just say away. This color is so bold that it discourages a student in such a brilliant way that no other color can…its that bold that molds one into deep anger and anger and anger!

yellow- hard for her to see or even tolerate as a matter of fact for this color has been of happiness, the feeling she was uncomfortable with. the brightness of this color makes it so hurting that even a proper look would leave her unable to see the world for long times…it is that drug one once gets addicted to,is good for them only 🙂 to her, its best suited for two kind of people, one who are very hyperactive (seems like adrenaline rushing through their vessels) and other whose act are so great making them shine, un/luckily she wasn’t any of them.

Green- the color people associated with her for they thought it was an envious color…. Just because the way she talked seemed humiliating sometimes but to her, Green was an elegant color that can balance other colors. It was so calm that its sight induced greater amount of peace to mind than any other. May be that’s the reason it is scientifically advised to see more green than any other color… Nature is such a master that it overfilled with this color but i guess humans are upto killing the beauty of it.

Purple- it was a gloomy color to her… So depressing that one would not pick for as a first choice. Never the less it was her personal opinion. She considered as an extra color who was just there as an escape to eye on when one fails to go about around the other colors, and becomes the life saver favourite escape. Its a color famous for being so artificial to her.

Blue- a color that she would say defines her. To her, it was a dark color depicting how she was…it was deep, bold, royal and vast-spread at the same time….versatile color that soothed her sight..the insight of her..this color is cold, chill and tough to her..blue just completed her. But, she doesn’t understand why people associate this color with baby BOYS. coloring everything blue…from seas to skies made her wonder whats beyond blue.. whats beyond the sight of blue.. a mysterious color it is no doubt and never looses its value in any times..it doesn’t need proper combination to be come prominent or any shades to over power its just the essence of this mature color that makes it richly attractive.

Pink- she doesnt consider it a color actually….its just another shade of red which people like if they don’t really like red…just to be in touch with the slightest feel of red…thinking of girls being inferior it is associated with weak feeble babies for no logic and this trend has its followers..but its a vibrant shade of red for the happy kinds people.

White- white is another extremist like black. Purity is what it signifies to her…worn by brides in west world it denotes peace to start their new lives. No personality living, is white.  Its the color she fears…the extremism she doesn’t want. Its the LIGHT that tears apart the personality molding it into something wiser superior…thus this color, to her is only meant for the Creator…superior of all.