You are being missed…

Dear James,
I was a young child who did not worry about anything else but her dolls and games. Almighty created me with a blank slate so that I can be taught. Parents, who always want better for their children pushed the lousy ME and forced me to be with you and do NOTHING but talk with my fractured english and with one hour of nothing-ness each day I very much didn’t like at the beginning. Now, here I am.. at the end of my second decade of life, cemented upright with all what I am. All of me today, has a major contribution of YOU! We belonged to the same place of humanity but different rooms indeed…. From those daily interactions you led me to what words mean and how they are fabricated into a sentence for conveying what I wanted to say. You seeded in me, the difference between theory and practical at a very tender age which I understand NOW…..
You changed my life in the best possible way it could have been done in a limited time….. you then left, leaving behind an inspired body and humorous memories…..You are the only chapter of my childhood that is not vague. Each detail I could notice at that age….I did…and I remember it exactly the same way I remember my name.
Tall and handsome you were back then. Now, I don’t know how you look, how your sparkling smile has changed, how slim you’ve got or how your sisters are….Nairobi has your essence and puts smile on my face every-time I hear about the country… I don’t even know your full name or any address. You will never be able to read this, I know, but I’ll find you one day. Promise! I just hope you are in your best health and might have naughty grandchildren by now….
I now am a tall slim girl J, i bet you wont recognize me now 😀 i just wanted to see the expression of you when you get to know i’m doing great in life, studies & everything so far!! miss you James.
I just want to thank you
for making me all what I am today.


P.S: expected is that you don’t remember me nor i will ever find you…..but possibility is that you DO! 🙂