another scorp…

Hey yO ma nigga
Sharing the childhood pikcha.
Iv’e hadn’t lived alone for the life
I’m sure your man would have a lucky wife.
The spark is there seated in you
Use the mind: you got to blew.
People await for what u hold
With the expression of character called bolD.
Making mee smile is no easay task
You are just there forget to ask.
Alternatives are there in ur head to get
You make me laugh till i cry, can’t forget.
Making me realize there’s a family too
You love cats and hey i say “SHOOOH”.
In any field you are the captian
You have brains coz u r a scorpian.
May Almighty bless you in the very best way
Dragon sis wishing you a very Happy Birthday!


the basic for her to follow

Believe in own self.
Clean your head once a while.
Dump some thoughts.
Friendly talk is a must.
Goodbye to goodbyes.
Hope for new dawn.
Improve to invent.
Just be patient.
Keep the YOU alive.
Learn to say No.
Music is for therapy.
Not everybody to leave.
Optimism to follow.
Pull and Push, that’s how it works.
Question what you don’t know.
Rushing wont help, until it’s a SALE.
Sorry causes no harm.
Unidirectional is better.
Velvety smooth chocolate sometimes.
Welcome people.
Xanax not to ever have.
Young at mind.

fused or confused

“W” is a confused word for the face prnounced as “double U” written as “double V” and also in french called “double way” taking more space than normal it just appears fat. W is “wanted?” “why?” “when?” “where?” “who?” “with? ” its all explanations which one doesnt like to give…..atleast she doesnt!