random bit

Life is a quest…
a quest of thirst, pain, happines and the END…
No, i guess,
Its a quest to wait.
To wait for everything, to just happen.


featuring…..a friend

so, i will not be revealing the identity for none wants trouble.

I was good isolated inside my own box of thoughts until it was invaded by a person, strong in a character and who could be easily looked upon. Charming, normal looking, witty girl, experimenting with styles became  a friend in a very short time. Today when I look back, she has been there since the day I dont remember because I’ve been a believer of no specific day [an escape for bad recalling memory 😉 ]. I was a pessimist earlier and the optimism she found in my pessimism was like a step away out from the crowd. One great slow poke optimist pal of mine with an awesome music taste and hearing abilities 😉 , she can surely gel-in with any type of people around provide sufficient time. I may never express or say anything for the amount of happy bright colors she has poured into my life and not leaving me in bad shape ever, has been standing-by every time in every situation boosting my morale. I’ve been looking up to this lady’s approach and hats-off to her. If wax statue list was in my hand, her name would surely be on it, not because I can melt her when I’m angry 😀 but yeah that’s not a bad idea to have her in a museum because she wont go by herself 😛
It’s been two years in university and INSHA-ALLAH she will be a great dentist whom i’ll recommend to, the only friend in the university I made and I believe no matter how far we live, don’t meet each day, don’t text i love you for being my friend, physical presence doesn’t make a difference here  because its the existence that does. Knowing how I’d react to every situation, I can be unpredictable to the world but I feel comfy being predictable to her. A glassy personality in front of her is a frosted glass to others plus she has a good tummy to hold secrets and a beautiful place she lives in [that I can drop by anytime 😉 ]. No matter how much I tease her for being lame, funny and slow, sleepy, I’ll be always thankful for an entry to my life and making me smile in absurd of times, cheering my mood up and understanding what i want to say……i know this wouldn’t last forever but I’d want you to stick around and see me get old 😀
happy birthday. May you live long as me and keep rocking more lives making people proud on your way 😛