started: 12 Aug,2011 

dear mom,
I know u don’t like me dressing what u called is granny but I like it that way…..please let it be….

dear Shoaib Mansoor,
putting all issues in one movie makes it a khichdi……creating hype worked for u

dear cellphone,
get well soon. my availability depends on you man!

dear people,
I know u like to put your nose in others matter but please….let it be sometimes!!!!

dear internet connection,
stop being gay. It’s not natural!

dear known but unknown,
I don’t remember names, I don’t remember dates, so kindly please cooperate!

dear cooking,
as soon as I see a RED CHILLI it’s just the END to recipe. I quit!

dear dad,
kindly teach me the art of brainwashing!

dear ophthalmologist,
I like wearing spectacles. End of LASIK discussion!

dear Orkut,
there’s no use improving yourself..u are a history now! delete yourself if u have some respect left and accept fb took over!

dear celebrity,
if u think you are a big celeb…..try being one at your own home!! 😛

dear xyz,
heart is a pumping organ and gut can only be hungry….. please don’t confuse their functions 😛

dear Sir, (on behalf of employee)
Where is the rule book that says aapki bari main we are brothers, and meri bari main, *its not in the contract*?

dear camera,
I know accidental shots are good, but not always….save some credit for the photographer too.

dear butter,
keep your taste to mashed potatoes! 😛

dear iPhone,
no matter how hard u try not being called that but u are no different from a camera phone!

dear guest,
Entertainment Kay Liye Kuch Bhi Karega is a tv program…alright!

dear sinus,
GET LOST. Thank you.

dear middle finger,
There are more ways u can show-off for, like wearing all the rings in one :p

dear English,
Thankyou for replacing all formalities of AAP, TUM, TU,etc by YOU.

dear colors,
Black is your daddy, u can’t really do anything about that!

dear truth,
you are bitter for fake sweetened tongues and lie listening hearing habits!!!

dear nation,
One should work on what one has rather than striving for doubtful ingredients.

dear simplicity,
You are THE most attractive thing available but following you is so complicated.

dear kids,
When gossips seem funny to u, know that you’ve grown up.

dear friend,
The time when u took it seriously, should not have happened.

dear p0etry,
I l0ve you, but there are times when i can’t st0p laughing at you.

dear fb,
u only teach to appriciate by LIKE but there are things to DISLIKE!

dear sissy,
you are not my friend…you are the only person who exists to owns me 😛

dear homos,
accept the fact its NOT natural…..have brains

dear dog,
Im sorry your family is swear words.

dear ecitement,
please find me.
sincerely, LOST.

dear things,
I haven’t lost you, i just can’t find you right now

dear hope,
Its you that exist even in a burning room with no fire exit.

dear loose ends,
Your fate is either to be grabbed or joined to continue

dear Brocas and Wernicks areas,
Please be co-ordinated.
Yours only,

dear tobbacco,
you feel gud dancing in people’s lung. Get a life, have poison and die. Don’t kill.

dear invention,
Ur existance was experiment that accidentally gave a positive result.

dear belt,
never try coz you can’t replace the hunter even if you are in reach.

dear electrons,
People in Pakistan want you to call all your relatives.coz these guests are awaited for welcome.

dear sentiments,
please be my guest 🙂

dear memory,
stay for long

dear 9/11,
I remember you from the history of my homeland, not the anniversary of conspiracy!!

dear attitude,
It’s hurting to see you get blamed for misbehaviours!

dear song,
Its hard for me to completely listen to one and thats certainly not my fault!

dear genes,
I’d not like to have the feeling of being blamed for the acquired traits.

dear trauma,
Thanks for equality in affecting rich and poor.

dear disease,
You did not exist until u effected the rich.

dear weight-scale,
Kindly give some happiness.

Dear information in books,
Why no osmosis?

dear winters,
please come and find khi soon….

dear tears,
i miss you 😛 and im happy!

dear backstabbers,
thankyou for letting me work!

dear  confidence,
reach soon. Awaiting reply.

dear Microsoft word,
Yea I’m pretty sure I spelled my name correctly. 

 by: Rozina Rattani 

dear p0etry,
I l0ve u, bt there r times i cnt st0p laughing at u.

dear blah,
If i actually started ‘idontcare’ attitude for everyone, u are screwed.

dear attention seeker,
Know ur place before u act.

dear owner,
buying an over-priced camera has no warranty that u’ll be a gud photographer!

dear beloved bioclock,
Have some shame!

dear fly,
just FLY!!! shooh shooh

dear sleep,
Come home to mama.

dear me,
Have faith.You’ll be cheesy some day

dear travellers,
beach per bhee shoes pehney tou kya khaak mazay kiye 😛

dear loudspeaker,
please come and fit in my voicebox.

hey U,
even a barbie-doll cannot compete to your level of plastic.

Dear Motivation,
please be home.

dear conscience,
have some self-respect.

Dear Lord,
please grant me enough patience to have long nails without scratching off peoples’ face or my own

To whom it concern,
things that effects one’s psychic/mental health are far more dangerous than those effecting the physical body health.
sincerely, Byproduct.