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51 *ME* facts…

just a random facts about me:

1. i like giggles and hahahas

2. music is a turn on

3. i turn blue in winters

4. i hate lies

5. instant replies appreciated

6. extended family rocks

7. sis=best friend

8. i got my own dictionary of words

9. cold and rude

10. wierd pictures

11. can spend days in library

12. health and food comes last, work first, sleep in between

13. guys are better friends

14. choose practical over emotional

15. silent until i dont know u well enough

16. spotlight and attention seekers get my eye-roll

17. confident

18. schizophrenia, Marfan Syndrome are my topic of reading when nothingness arrives

19. wears multiple rings in one finger 😀

20. i forget the exact words oftenly but manage to remember the idea/core

21. i like playing mind puzzles that are logical….

22. i use the date modifying while publishing posts so what you might be reading may be stale

23. wordless talk..*thumbs up*

24. appreciate people who help me and i don’t forget to get it even

25. planning is my middle name even though it may not occur but should be planned

26. i got my ways of fun…..i’m more of an introvert

27. i certainly know if i’m wrong so don’t get me heated for no reason

28. i don’t talk to those who don’t respect me the f*cked up way i exist

29. either do something properly or don’t…there’s nothing like trying to do/in the middle……u die or u don’t

30. i like to play when even the opponent is armed…that’s when its fair

31. hates explanations

32. i don’t like bright colors. my style simple closet

33. imagine while reading to remember: awesome for me

34. i can’t wear stiletto heels

35. if i “want to” compliment you….i will not hesitate

36. kitchen is a *no entry zone* for me

37. i don’t like contact lenses

38. discussions are welcomed…..baseless arguments NO

39. mood swings can last from min to hours, days to months

40. i don’t conserve energy, i am lazy

41. episodes of self harm attempted

42. entertained by a psychiatrist

43. i talk of weather when i’m out of topics but still want a conversation

44. water is my fave drink

45. if i want to eat…i can take it from your hand….respect my NO

46. arrogance meets me and is shown a mirror

47. nice to see most people don’t dare to talk to me… those who do,wish they didn’t

48. fan of cold coffee and dark chocolates

49. i eat lemon with shreds

50. if my presence is not applaud…i’ll probably go

51. simplicity is good 🙂


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