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we have different pieces of puzzles within us that fit perfectly to form an imperfect personality. As we meet different people we discover our new pieces and add to the pre-existing puzzle giving our personality a stronger base and broaden horizon. There are times when one is shattered the puzzle fits but doesn’t fall in place, so collect all pieces and start all over again and experiment may be this time composition falls in place and everything gets right… that’s even unsure and its just the hope of getting it right this time that keeps one going because you don’t know that an imperfect piece may be destined perfectly in place… you’ll never find enough pieces for yourself, makes me think its a learning process that goes on with ones life but when the puzzle gets too big the center part becomes the weakest link…like a tissue being necrosed at center if too big to handle for the supplies. The one who was strong now stands weak…

thoughts that scribble in her mind on a day to day basis as she tries to get busy and forget whats on her brain to prevent herself from the chaos…


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