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Radical Transformation…

She was a pessimist, true meaning to the word. Everything was negative until she went into the dark-hole, a place without light where everything nice had spikes around but she liked it and thought she’ll get use to the pain. But pain had chosen a different destination for her. It stayed there and she wasn’t becoming use to its existence rather it started bothering her. Eventually everything she seemed to like about that dark-hole was narrowed to nothing. She started to suffocate in the dark and decided not to belong here anymore. She came out of the dark but initially the light was too much to for her to handle which made her agitated to an extent that she stayed back in dark and for years she just saw the light from a distance. After thinking on how experimental life would be in the light after living her all life in here, she gathered every bit of courage she had and stepped outside. She is so amazed by the new surrounding that now she doesn’t want to go back to dark again. Each day filled with sunlight, a ray of new hope, a start of something new, things that can be changed, decisions that can reversed made her look forward to every moment that was called NEXT. There were spikes in here too but her perception towards them has become positive. She likes being here. It brings her peace but there was one aspect she just couldn’t understand was how to express her own happiness. It’s been some time now and there was a lot she has achieved but didn’t ever celebrate. Maybe because she was in dark for quite long or she still has that fear of unknown that good times are followed by curse of dark times.


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