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what if…

The only memory a child would want from their parents is the childhood. A phase when the kid doesn’t remember his poops, his sickness, his first step, those shining eyes, everthing eat urge, an unexpected expression of love in the form of a slap, a smile at his parents sight, expression just before crying or that special signal for food.
As I pen down all this, a happily clapping vibrant child comes to my mind, who, when in his adolescense, has lost the essence of it. Stresses from the world and fight from his ownself on daily basis that has let him to think in a different manipulative way which he couldn’t in his infancy. Parents on the other hand cannot forget the infant they have raised. They want the adolescent to be old but have that streak of childhood when the kid was fully dependent on their parents & had all his time for them.
From time to time, parents tell their child how he used to be & want him to become like that again or atleast have a laugh about old times with them. And at times, a child actually needs reminders of this sort to go further and exploring neurons or feel loved.
But what if the child is told that the perticular part of his childhood doesn’t exist or well “it’s not remmembered?” where to retrive that info to fill the gap of childhood memory of one?


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