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Boundary of the coin…

Disclaimer: bare with the grammar errors!

That moment when girls change pictures for their inlaws to see, statuses for their friends to see and click solo pictures for their to-be-partner, is when you know life is nothing but plastic and thats how some people like it. Demolishing their ownself, they start incooperating themselves into others life little by little but why do they end their individuality which took so long to establish!? Maybe its all a temporary act of being fake. Truely. What is exciting about the bridal shower and the baby shower and such events, im not gonna understand, ever because there’s nothing to be understood! You may say that im not on the either end of being a bride or the relative of one or a to-be-mom but let me tell you another perspective that does exist; these things have no logic and their acceptance is not normal to my brain. May be, people have trained themselves to do all this, even when they actually dont like it or they have seen so many of similar events that they have accustomed to such absurd display of celebration considering it norm. Multiple events destroy guest’s interest and cause havoc for the host, is it too much to get into thick brains? Too sad, people now are blinded enough to believe they have to show off their wealth by any act they do from helping poor to celebrating their happiness, everything has now become for the sake of show… For what!? I dont know. Allah ki raah main allah ka he maal kharch kar rahay hain us main bhi aankhen aasmaan per hain… Allah he khair karay.


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