on the way thoughts 4…

>There are times when one doesn’t talk… just replies. >A master remains a master. >everybody has got a threshold…its just the level that differs. >Lacking on Vitamin time. >Respect the decision, even if it’s rejection. >laughing can make one so tired… and have a bit of awkward moments too. >positivity induction trial might face a… Read more.

A senseless timeless scribbling of words sewed into some lines:

When u dont know where ur mind is landing,
chances are you may end up laughing.

For no reason at all,
nothing to rise nowhere to fall.

When life gives you a reality check about,
something you had forseen alot doubts.

It’s like bursting the balloon you are sitting on,
Times go by and theres comes dawn.

With a new hope and a day new,
A message for all understood by few.


When I don’t give an F,
To me you are deaf.

Do wat you want,
Say what you wish.

Im the one here shark,
Baby you are the fish.

When I’ll be gone.

One day i will leave and never come back. What will you do then? You don’t seem to be effected by my presence or absence; you will find another. But in that another you might someday try to find me. In those curves, those silly talks, those mood swings and random words. Some day i might be the cause of your widened smile which would soon fade by reality check that I’m not there anymore, not with-in the arm length you could hold me in you. Sometimes you might feel sad that you let me go but that wouldn’t happen really. I know. Life taught you to move-on, no matter how the circumstances are, and you will duplicate it then too. I wish you’d stop me. You’d ask me to say there by your side forever but that’s fantasizing or day dreaming as many would say. Dreams don’t happen in real and we would have to stay apart as chosen by both of us.


My brain is a chaotic mess,
An exploding mass of madness.
Abandoned by my own echoes,
The path which only I chose.
Hope is destructive, I believe,
Only when the dark besiege.
From within explodes,
The light that erodes.
All the dark surround,
Leaving you spellbound.
Reacting to the light,
With all the fright.
Swollen through to the core,
With every moment,
I die a little more.

                                 DOODLE 5:

Lets play The Blame Game
To fool your soul
Calm your nerves
‘Cause it likes to stay
Defined in a bubble
Where everything is ideal
A perfect T
Instead of facing
The harsh reality
So I am here
To take that all on me
To let you live
In your plastic mold
Carved out of gold
Have a nights sleep
In your baby fold.

                                       DOODLE 6:

From wanting all,
To nothing at all.
Life has struck hard
In midst of chaos
Went hopeless in mind
Without my guard
From all to nothing
Constant was something
The drive to end
Not willing to bend
If my life was a book
That nobody look
would have it already burnt
Maybe thats what i earned
From all to nothing
No difference in anything.
change inspired by monotony
And I await autonomy

                                     DOODLE 7:

I was a bubble
made of glass
that you crushed
and hurt yourself.