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on the way thoughts 4…

>There are times when one doesn’t talk… just replies.

>A master remains a master.

>everybody has got a threshold…its just the level that differs.

>Lacking on Vitamin time.

>Respect the decision, even if it’s rejection.

>laughing can make one so tired… and have a bit of awkward moments too.

>positivity induction trial might face a failure.

>there exists nothing such as “ample time” or “enough money”

>Dance to the light…within you

>if everybody will talk, who’s gonna listen?

>with every passing day, this world is getting more wierd.

>we don’t live here, we survive.

>let your work speak alone for you.

>Don’t take all the credit for your success that has a major part played by LUCK!

>”Let me choose the mood I wanna fake with” Rango

>Life smiles back in its own way.

>when one has no choice, mind doesn’t have diversions.

>”disagree sans judgement”

>its only your perception to a reply that makes it seem positive or negative, constructive or destructive.

>Be the reason for someone to wake-up tomorrow.

>a little appriciation does no harm.

>never ask reasons for a smile that looks suspicious.

>if one doesn’t like someone, everything the other does is disliked by default!

> Sometimes, the one you consider special is the one who considers you ordinary.

>Dreams are fuel.

>Even the slightest thought of ones’ smile is enough to light up the other.

>Life is unfair to you for being fair to someone else.

>Knowing yourself is destructive

>We all play blame game to fool our conscience not realizing there’s a simultaneous guilt somewhere sitting quietly.

>Acceptance flusters the one who has a habit of facing rejection. 

>Some cries are not for help or attention…They are the last breath.


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