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On the cliff, there she was, standing silently, with a mind that was screaming beyond any frequency. Nobody around knew who she was, what was her story or why was she there and to be honest, they didn’t really care because all of them had their own lives to juggle. She stood there for hours, in her own world of thoughts, unaware of who went by or who stared; tied with invisible chains dragging her down like anchors, just this time her ship was sinking. Ignoring the warning sign on the cliff edge, she peep toed; the view of city from that point, was spectacular, well has to be it was the highest peak, but blurr to her mind. All her trail of thoughts were converging to one place: what difference would it make if she no longer existed. To her surprise she couldn’t list down any of the positives from her existence but she was a woman of her word, even when it meant breaking herself to gazillion pieces and give the best one to someone else, if she said she’ll do it, she has to. well what if she didn’t, guilt will be there but what if she didn’t live to face the guilt or the person she gave her word to.

With her arms wide open, she took a deep breath and felt free as a bird under the dark starry sky, she then turned into a lion and roared as loud as her vocals could go, with all the voices in her head; with all the aggression stored in; all the rants sitting inside; all the insecurities and doubts she had kept hidden away in her brain layered beneath the masks for years; so loud that she thought her heart wouldnt take it anymore, she found herself weeping crazily on the ground and breathing fresh air into her lungs with new perspectives pouring life into her tired, drained and dried soul. With all that was kept inside her, is now away, atleast for the time being she realizes that human mind is such a complex masterpiece which is programmed to want more, than it already has, to wonder for more, to see more, & more; it just never wants to stop in one place…and that, is well her new way to live, as long as those voices strike again.


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  1. Bina Awan

    Looking forward to more posts from you.

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