we have different pieces of puzzles within us that fit perfectly to form an imperfect personality. As we meet different people we discover our new pieces and add to the pre-existing puzzle giving our personality a stronger base and broaden horizon. There are times when one is shattered the puzzle fits but doesn’t fall in… Read more.

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The London Olympic Stadium is 53 meters high. This blog had about 630 visitors in 2012. If every visitor were a meter, this blog would be 12 times taller than the Olympic Stadium – not too shabby. Click here… Read more.

51 *ME* facts…

just a random facts about me: 1. i like giggles and hahahas 2. music is a turn on 3. i turn blue in winters 4. i hate lies 5. instant replies appreciated 6. extended family rocks 7. sis=best friend 8. i got my own dictionary of words 9. cold and rude 10. wierd pictures 11…. Read more.

on the way thoughts 3…

started since: Oct11,2011 >you gotta work in present for future. >escaping lies makes u strong, well thats what YOU THINK! >smartness is contageous. >lies are instant creativity. >there are times when sorrys and thankyous are needed irrespective of the relation. >quack can only master quackery >situation is spotlight for pre existing traits in a personality… Read more.


started: 12 Aug,2011 

dear mom,
I know u don’t like me dressing what u called is granny but I like it that way…..please let it be….

dear Shoaib Mansoor,
putting all issues in one movie makes it a khichdi……creating hype worked for u

dear cellphone,
get well soon. my availability depends on you man!

dear people,
I know u like to put your nose in others matter but please….let it be sometimes!!!!

dear internet connection,
stop being gay. It’s not natural!

dear known but unknown,
I don’t remember names, I don’t remember dates, so kindly please cooperate!

dear cooking,
as soon as I see a RED CHILLI it’s just the END to recipe. I quit!

dear dad,
kindly teach me the art of brainwashing!

dear ophthalmologist,
I like wearing spectacles. End of LASIK discussion!

dear Orkut,
there’s no use improving yourself..u are a history now! delete yourself if u have some respect left and accept fb took over!

dear celebrity,
if u think you are a big celeb…..try being one at your own home!! 😛

dear xyz,
heart is a pumping organ and gut can only be hungry….. please don’t confuse their functions 😛

dear Sir, (on behalf of employee)
Where is the rule book that says aapki bari main we are brothers, and meri bari main, *its not in the contract*?

dear camera,
I know accidental shots are good, but not always….save some credit for the photographer too.

dear butter,
keep your taste to mashed potatoes! 😛

dear iPhone,
no matter how hard u try not being called that but u are no different from a camera phone!

dear guest,
Entertainment Kay Liye Kuch Bhi Karega is a tv program…alright!

dear sinus,
GET LOST. Thank you.

dear middle finger,
There are more ways u can show-off for, like wearing all the rings in one :p

dear English,
Thankyou for replacing all formalities of AAP, TUM, TU,etc by YOU.

dear colors,
Black is your daddy, u can’t really do anything about that!

dear truth,
you are bitter for fake sweetened tongues and lie listening hearing habits!!!

dear nation,
One should work on what one has rather than striving for doubtful ingredients.

dear simplicity,
You are THE most attractive thing available but following you is so complicated.

dear kids,
When gossips seem funny to u, know that you’ve grown up.

dear friend,
The time when u took it seriously, should not have happened.

dear p0etry,
I l0ve you, but there are times when i can’t st0p laughing at you.

dear fb,
u only teach to appriciate by LIKE but there are things to DISLIKE!

dear sissy,
you are not my friend…you are the only person who exists to owns me 😛

dear homos,
accept the fact its NOT natural…..have brains

dear dog,
Im sorry your family is swear words.

dear ecitement,
please find me.
sincerely, LOST.

dear things,
I haven’t lost you, i just can’t find you right now

dear hope,
Its you that exist even in a burning room with no fire exit.

dear loose ends,
Your fate is either to be grabbed or joined to continue

dear Brocas and Wernicks areas,
Please be co-ordinated.
Yours only,

dear tobbacco,
you feel gud dancing in people’s lung. Get a life, have poison and die. Don’t kill.

dear invention,
Ur existance was experiment that accidentally gave a positive result.

dear belt,
never try coz you can’t replace the hunter even if you are in reach.

dear electrons,
People in Pakistan want you to call all your relatives.coz these guests are awaited for welcome.

dear sentiments,
please be my guest 🙂

dear memory,
stay for long

dear 9/11,
I remember you from the history of my homeland, not the anniversary of conspiracy!!

dear attitude,
It’s hurting to see you get blamed for misbehaviours!

dear song,
Its hard for me to completely listen to one and thats certainly not my fault!

dear genes,
I’d not like to have the feeling of being blamed for the acquired traits.

dear trauma,
Thanks for equality in affecting rich and poor.

dear disease,
You did not exist until u effected the rich.

dear weight-scale,
Kindly give some happiness.

Dear information in books,
Why no osmosis?

dear winters,
please come and find khi soon….

dear tears,
i miss you 😛 and im happy!

dear backstabbers,
thankyou for letting me work!

dear  confidence,
reach soon. Awaiting reply.

dear Microsoft word,
Yea I’m pretty sure I spelled my name correctly. 

 by: Rozina Rattani 

dear p0etry,
I l0ve u, bt there r times i cnt st0p laughing at u.

dear blah,
If i actually started ‘idontcare’ attitude for everyone, u are screwed.

dear attention seeker,
Know ur place before u act.

dear owner,
buying an over-priced camera has no warranty that u’ll be a gud photographer!

dear beloved bioclock,
Have some shame!

dear fly,
just FLY!!! shooh shooh

dear sleep,
Come home to mama.

dear me,
Have faith.You’ll be cheesy some day

dear travellers,
beach per bhee shoes pehney tou kya khaak mazay kiye 😛

dear loudspeaker,
please come and fit in my voicebox.

hey U,
even a barbie-doll cannot compete to your level of plastic.

Dear Motivation,
please be home.

dear conscience,
have some self-respect.

Dear Lord,
please grant me enough patience to have long nails without scratching off peoples’ face or my own

To whom it concern,
things that effects one’s psychic/mental health are far more dangerous than those effecting the physical body health.
sincerely, Byproduct.

featuring…..a friend

so, i will not be revealing the identity for none wants trouble.

I was good isolated inside my own box of thoughts until it was invaded by a person, strong in a character and who could be easily looked upon. Charming, normal looking, witty girl, experimenting with styles became  a friend in a very short time. Today when I look back, she has been there since the day I dont remember because I’ve been a believer of no specific day [an escape for bad recalling memory 😉 ]. I was a pessimist earlier and the optimism she found in my pessimism was like a step away out from the crowd. One great slow poke optimist pal of mine with an awesome music taste and hearing abilities 😉 , she can surely gel-in with any type of people around provide sufficient time. I may never express or say anything for the amount of happy bright colors she has poured into my life and not leaving me in bad shape ever, has been standing-by every time in every situation boosting my morale. I’ve been looking up to this lady’s approach and hats-off to her. If wax statue list was in my hand, her name would surely be on it, not because I can melt her when I’m angry 😀 but yeah that’s not a bad idea to have her in a museum because she wont go by herself 😛
It’s been two years in university and INSHA-ALLAH she will be a great dentist whom i’ll recommend to, the only friend in the university I made and I believe no matter how far we live, don’t meet each day, don’t text i love you for being my friend, physical presence doesn’t make a difference here  because its the existence that does. Knowing how I’d react to every situation, I can be unpredictable to the world but I feel comfy being predictable to her. A glassy personality in front of her is a frosted glass to others plus she has a good tummy to hold secrets and a beautiful place she lives in [that I can drop by anytime 😉 ]. No matter how much I tease her for being lame, funny and slow, sleepy, I’ll be always thankful for an entry to my life and making me smile in absurd of times, cheering my mood up and understanding what i want to say……i know this wouldn’t last forever but I’d want you to stick around and see me get old 😀
happy birthday. May you live long as me and keep rocking more lives making people proud on your way 😛


Ailurophobia– fear of cats. Yes the normal looking, harmless animal and a pet for many. Lovable creatures but not to all. Yes they also have haters. These little animals are what some people afraid of. The mouse catching skillful cat scares the hell out of them.
Human mind is one complex body. It protects the human it resides in, by triggering defense mechanisms. One such is triggered at the sight of CAT. may be because they had a memory of past experience with cat or they think its dangerous for them or its any physical feature of the cat they cant look at specifically. For those people, the sight of cat makes their nerves crack: they sweat, stammer, anxiety is up, scared, breathless, frightened and what not. They may even try to keep their mind alert and not react when cats around but they just cant help the panic attack. Mind doesn’t accept what once it has rejected. So, the cats need a bit suffering these attacks for life!

She was scared of cat EYES. One fine look to the cats face, tears her down the spine. The cold eyes, the glassy look in them and the thin iris works a spear to scare her deep. She just cannot look into them. The witty movements of the cats made her brain hallucinate every now and then. Her mind is so frightenend that it replicates the moving objects to appear like that of a cat. Its like a World War III in her freaking mind and bloody cats win everytime. Cats spooked her! But she even doesn’t know what had made her so frightful from these creatures. Childhood didn’t have any such cat related event: the used to live in the balcony, they were fed milk daily. Then what? may be its just the mind triggering response against them and nothing else. She was almost near to bringing that fear of cats to ground until she decided to give up and answer *I AM ALLERGIC* as an escape for not wanting to deal with unhappy cat encounter events.

Famous people fearing cat:

  • Alexander the Great
  • Genghis Khan
  • Hitler
  • Julius Caesar
  • Mussolini
  • Napoleon

And not so famous people:

100 answers

1; Are you really ready for 100 questions? duh 2; Was your last real relationship a mistake? yes that’s why is gone 3; Do you miss your last relationship? no why should i? 4; Who did you last say “I love you” to? brother for the most absurd reply 5; Do you regret it? no… Read more.

30 days of Bliss )DEC’11

The concept: December 2011 is the last month of this year. Ghalib Khalil thought of the idea that it should somehow be special and memorable. That’s when this project came to life. Trying to promote the idea of living life for the sake of Living – enjoying, cherishing and living each day as if it is our last – this project will help you realize the meaning of true things in life and give you a perspective that you will not regret having. The idea is simple – every day you have to do something unique – something new – something that you haven’t ever done before. Take a picture, make a video or just come to our page and post about it. Tell the world how crazy you can get. You will have a lot of fun along the way. You will make tons of memories along the way. You will live life along the way.

so here i go, somethings each day that put a smile on my face,

day 1: 2minutes of nothingness….its not what i tried doing ever….just nothing absolute nothing in mind…  head cleaning!

day 2: weigh-scale shift to right after lonnngggg…..happiness extreme

day 3: introducing skype to a friend and trying to absorb the excitement thrown to me 😀

day 4: eating Mcflurry first time…. was okay…

day 5: watched a new movie and liked it…..

day6: had a tour of coldplay song….. ALMOST ALL… dammmnn!! Music makes me happieeeee

day 7: updating the external drive in case me laptop becomes a *itch! hahaha sigh of relief

day 8: just for myself and relax

day 9: accepting a BBQ invite.. adn enjoyed the FOODHHHHH 😀

day 10: capturing moon by not a pro-cam but instant technique 😀

day 11: first ever…..nap on the carpet…. 😀

day 12: thinking of telescopes ❤

day 13 14: just enjoying weather with blue nails and morning tea

day15: act being an animal whole darn day and every 5 mins sounds like…BAAAAAA 😀

day16: series of absurd dreams continue……

day 17:  LOVES a fresh slice pineapple. Yum!

day 18: in the world of books…. can spend my ALL TIME there happilyyyyyyy

day 19: sis with flu i to bring smile and irritate ofcourse

day 20: frozen to the spine and tired like didn’t wanna breathe in

day 21:  just kept on checking its 21st….haha minds calender ditches sometimes. jazz music is PEACE!

day22: net DIED and even music was irritating. a cardiologist day saved!! 😀

day 23: laughing till the stomach hurts… 😀 mom and sis the best

day 24: 1am and 9degrees temperature! damn!!!!

day 25: listening the whole PTI God damn jalsa!! politics i’m in!

day 26: finding an escape to stick pix inside the cupboard as cannot hang frames on walls 😛

day 27: 3am cornetto, playing UNO and laughing till the stomach hurts.. this scorpian rocks my life… 😀

day 28: feeling lucky winning free meals coupons at Atrium food court.

day 29: waking up in the morning getting out in saddar at 11:30 am….sweeping through the rush…diverting to Dera (boat basin) and having aaloo paratha and tea then landing gears at sea-view…..clicking piks enjoying….being enjoyed called bouble battery LOL and then watching an entertaining DON2….hahhahaha though it was a thriller….i found it comedy…Farhan Akhtar..Good job

day 30: thinking og all the good times 2011 brought…..equation will be updated tomm 🙂

day 31: plus29 and minus23= plus 6 of 2011


When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.
And all the birds in the trees, well they’d be singing so happily,
oh joyfully, oh playfully watching me.
But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible,
logical, oh responsible, practical.
And then they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
oh clinical, oh intellectual, cynical.

There are times when all the world’s asleep,
the questions run too deep
for such a simple man.
Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned
I know it sounds absurd
but please tell me who I am
I said now watch what you say they’ll be calling you a radical,
a liberal, oh fanatical, criminal.
Won’t you sign up your name, we’d like to feel you’re
acceptable, respectable, oh presentable, a vegetable!
Oh Take it take it yeah!

But at night, when all the world’s asleep,
the questions run so deep
for such a simple man.
Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned
I know it sounds absurd
but please tell me who I am,
Who I am x 3 !!!

Who knows who’s so logical.

another scorp…

Hey yO ma nigga
Sharing the childhood pikcha.
Iv’e hadn’t lived alone for the life
I’m sure your man would have a lucky wife.
The spark is there seated in you
Use the mind: you got to blew.
People await for what u hold
With the expression of character called bolD.
Making mee smile is no easay task
You are just there forget to ask.
Alternatives are there in ur head to get
You make me laugh till i cry, can’t forget.
Making me realize there’s a family too
You love cats and hey i say “SHOOOH”.
In any field you are the captian
You have brains coz u r a scorpian.
May Almighty bless you in the very best way
Dragon sis wishing you a very Happy Birthday!